Our Specialities

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

KPI:Health has developed national relationships with specialist Consultants, Nurses and theatre professionals to ensure we can efficiently run all aspects of the OMFS pathway.

Our teams are focused by sub speciality ensuring only the most experienced and appropriately qualified teams are allocated to the needs of an NHS waiting list.

Our teams can cover Outpatient appointments, bringing new patients into the pathway before diagnosis. We can then build the teams to deliver with local or general anaesthetic surgical lists.

Clinical outcomes are at the heart of our focus and site visits allow us to focus our reporting upon the key needs of patients and NHS departments.

KPI:Health’s unique approach to specialist engagement means we are not enticing substantive professionals away from the NHS, ensuring there is no impact upon NHS rota management.

Our process includes an overview of appointment scheduling, team inductions and live reporting for after care/ review purposes.

For more information on how you can expand your OMFS department capacity, contact us via   01908 915511


KPI:Health provides a simple, affordable and highly effective way to reduce NHS waiting lists. We use NHS clinics & equipment to deliver extra clinical capacity.

NHS Trusts find it difficult to meet referral to treatment (RTT) targets due to lack of doctors & resources.

KPI:Health provides a solution that fills the gaps and optimise the capacity, resources & doctors needed to help NHS trusts meet the number of referrals required by patients.

For more information on KPI:Health’s outsourcing service, please contact us via   01908 915511


KPI:Health specialises in providing an expert Orthodontics team which gives fast assessments and effective treatments.

Our insourced Orthodontics team includes consultants & specialists who provide very high standards of patient care to ensure a fast and efficient recovery.

For more information on how you can expand your OMFS department capacity, contact us via   01908 915511

Specialist Surgery

KPI-Health is growing at pace within the surgery space as a result of our pre-designed mobilisation and audit programmes.

Our activity within either insource or outsource is planned around the leadership of clinical experts who integrate with substantive teams. Our activity can include LA or GA procedural work and KPI-Health prides itself on the delivery of consistent teams.

We do not rely upon the onboarding of your own staff, instead we will onboard a carefully selected team of Consultants, nurses and AHP staff to deliver consistent surgery support. KPI-Health delivers rota consistency and delivery consistent above 95% in our existing surgical programmes.

KPI-Health can deliver insource and outsource activity within:

  • General Surgery
  • ENT

  • Trauma & Orthopaedics

  • Gynae

  • Plastics
  • Ophthalmology

Nursing & Theatre Support

A growing area of insource activity, theatre support teams are an invaluable tool to assist NHS trusts in delivering patient procedures during periods of staff shortage or increased activity.

Working as part of your existing team, KPI can deliver a full team compliment inclusive of Anaesthetist, specialist Nurses and AHP support. Our solutions are currently allowing NHS trusts to deliver LA and GA procedures across multitude of surgical pathways while delivering 97% team attendance to date.

Our programmes are carefully onboarded, ensuring our teams are orientated to trust standard ensuring we can positively impact a service that may otherwise not operate.

KPI-Health has delivered recruitment campaigns nationally and our team can onboard with a new NHS partner within weeks, offering you control in planning and the length of time you opt to incorporate an external partner.



Under the stewardship of our Non-Executive director and former Clinical Director, KPI:Health has developed a national network of specialist Consultants across both Haematology and Oncology to support with growing 18 week RTT performance pressures.

While always a high demand area of care, Covid-19 has impacted the ability to deliver clinics and waiting lists are growing nationally.

Our platform offers NHS teams access to regional specialists who can upscale clinical capacity via:

  • Weekday Support

    We charge at a significant discount to the tariff rates, the remainder is kept by the trust as profit enabling these funds to be used on improving the service.

  • Late or Weekend Clinics

    KPI:Health can deliver either “consultant only” support or a full support service inclusive of specialist Nurses and administrators.

  • Video Clinic

    We can offer access to a national network of over 90 specialist CCT consultants across both medical and clinical specialisms. Link to a consultant or hire our specialist advisor to show you how to maximise patient outcomes via remote clinic delivery. Our leadership delivered 800 video consultations during 2020-21. In many instances we can off set the use of full time locums while also building internal benefit via tariff for the NHS service provider.

For a specific insight into KPI:Health’s work across Haematology & Oncology services, contact us via   01908 915511


Specialist haematology services throughout the UK and NHS continue to push the boundaries of care via the evolution medicine and the increased knowledge of the specialist physicians.

A consequence of progression has led to an increased need for consistent follow up and further stress on the RTT pathways.

Coupled with a national shortage of qualified specialists, we are seeing a surge in the need for NHS departments to introduce external partners to ensure the growing patient lists are maintained.

KPI-Health has been working with NHS trusts within the last 18 months to design a specialist Haematology offering which delivers Insource programmes led by NHS, CCT qualified consultants.

KPI-Health can deliver an increase in your ability to run new and follow up clinics via week day or weekend insource. From Consultant to specialist support staff, our insource programmes allow for consistent and ongoing service delivery. Our focus on improvement has allowed KPI-Health to introduce NHS partners to a national network of practitioners who can deliver remote and on site solutions.

For further insight please contact derek.nunn@kpi-health.co.uk or call us on   01908 915511

Community Service

KPI:Health has worked within Community Paediatrics for in excess of 12 years. We have designed and successfully implemented an “on demand” service, allowing Safeguarding teams access to trained Consultants who can deliver IHA’s.

While internal teams are well trained and PA’s are planned to absorb out of area children referrals, in some instances a higher volume of referrals can cause challenges vs time line targets.

Our regional network of trained Consultants can step in at short notice and deliver the assessments for your service. We align systems and administration to ensure standards of reporting are maintained, we can bespoke this offering to consider
individual assessments and also a formal clinic/ PA structure.

Adoption reviews are time-consuming while requiring clear focus, the need for continuous access to an appointed advisor (sometimes long after the report was completed) can make it difficult to maintain consistency.

By working with part-time or semi-retired LAC experts we can align specialist Consultants for an ongoing period without the need to commit to full-time contracts or locum hires.

For an overview of consultant availability in your area, contact us via   01908 915511
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